I feel obliged to share these novels as they have had such a profound impact on my life and business to date. It would be criminal not to share.

Let me know what you think?!

1. The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz
This book really does highlight some of the hard things that as business owners and leaders we have to go through to get to higher ground the other side. It is a very inspiring read about the hard business situations Ben Horowitz went through and how he came out the other side. Very timely read!

2. The war of art – Steven Pressfield
This one is a favourite of so many entrepreneurs and I can see why. It’s an easy and quick read! If you are feeling any kind of blocks, procrastination and overwhelm as to why you can’t execute this one is for you. It doesn’t pull any punches to break down the barriers to “creation”.

3. Panic to Power – Lucinda Bassett
The current situation has left many people in a state of panic. In panic we cannot think clearly or make the best decisions. This book gives you the techniques to get in the drivers seat to take control and move to a position of power. If you’re feeling in a state of panic at the moment this one is for you.

4. Feel the fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers
I LOVE this book, this one is for you if your nervous to take the next step or fear is getting in the way of where you want to be. It’s an absolute “go for it” book which will get you playing a bigger game and crushing

5. Mindset – Carol Dweck
This one has to be a must read for everyone. Mindset by Carol Dweck has conducted extensive research into “growth mindsets” and “fixed mindsets”. Carol talks to how this plays out in business, CEO’s, school, in life and shockingly even with young children.
We all have areas of our life we are growth mindset and other areas we are a fixed mindset. This will give you a much greater awareness of your mindset, how it plays out in your life, how it impacts others around you and of course how to change it.

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